Savor Mochi Doughnuts at MoMo Mochi

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If you’ve never tried a mochi donut, now is the time to give it a taste. MoMo Mochi has been open for a few months now, serving up these sweet Asian desserts that are capturing the hearts and taste buds of many. Here, the treats are small enough that you can try a few and won’t be super full. Or go with a friend and get different flavors so you can each try a new one! The best part is if you buy five you get the sixth free. Who doesn’t love a deal?

Each mochi donut is made using the same dough, and then the flavor is brought in with the different toppings and frosting drizzled atop. Favorite flavors by local reviewers so far are matcha, yuzu, cinnamon sugar, and black sesame. Try it! You’re going to come back for afternoon snacks all the time after you try one.

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