Coffee Republic

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Take a well-deserved coffee break this afternoon at Coffee Republic in Rockville, MD. This coffee shop full of unique and freshly brewed coffee blends is the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of Joe for coffee connoisseurs. Some of the most popular coffee drinks include their specialty lattes like the salty dog (caramel and sea salt), the snickerdoodle (cinnamon and vanilla) as well as the morning buzz which is rightly named after the honey and cinnamon flavors it encompasses. 

Also, you’ll want to indulge yourself with one of the many flavorful smoothies they make fresh daily at Coffee Republic too. Flavors like peach, harvest greens, mango, pineapple and strawberry are all popular choices. And if it’s a pick me up you really need, help yourself to some of the high intensity espresso drinks Coffee Republic is known for. The Americano, cappuccino, and cortado are all delicious espresso drinks you can choose from their lengthy menu. 

Open everyday from 7am-7pm, visit this cozy coffee shop in Rockville, and treat yourself to a delicious cup of coffee. 

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