Coffee Is an Artform at Black Lion Cafe

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The family that owns Black Lion Cafe has a long history in coffee-growing. They’re the fifth generation in a family born and raised in Harar, tucked away in the Eastern highlands of Ethiopia—AKA the birthplace of coffee. The owners grew up on the family’s coffee farm, watching the process from start to finish. As adults, they take great pride in their ability to select coffee that’s raised with great care and packaged perfectly.
That coffee is always on tap at Black Lion Cafe, available hot by the cup and in bags to take home. Stop in for a cup of the classic Black Lion Blend drip coffee or sip on a shot of single-origin espresso. You can also have your espresso folded into a frothy drink like the latte or the cappuccino. Prefer something uncaffeinated? Try a strawberry smoothie or a green tea frappe. When you find java you like, take home a bag to enjoy later. You’ll always see options like the Harar-sourced beans, as well as the signature Black Lion Blend and a decaf coffee.

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