Eat Healthier in 2022 With Help From Playa Bowls

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Frozen coconut and blue spirulina blended and capped with layers of blueberry-flax granola, fresh banana and strawberries, walnuts, coconut flakes, and a dash of cinnamon. Given its blue hue and frigid temperature, this treat is fittingly named the Avalanche coconut bowl, and it’s one of the seasonal treats on the menu at the newly opened Playa Bowls.

If your New Year’s resolution was to eat healthier foods, plan a trip to Playa Bowls and try the Avalanche or one of its other fruit-based smoothie bowls. You can’t go wrong with a classic acai bowl like the Pura Vida loaded with berries, granola, and honey or the Green Power bowl featuring a frosty blend of kale and vanilla protein with almond butter, banana, and crunchy granola on top. For something that’s easy to sip on the go, opt for a fresh smoothie or juice. The vibrant Pink Pitaya features its namesake superfood, a bold berry complemented by coconut milk, pineapple, and banana in the smoothie. If you need a jolt of caffeine as well, enjoy a cold-brew coffee or latte from Playa Bowls.

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